My name is Nina Hernitschek. I am a Postdoc working at Caltech with Judy Cohen on tidal streams and the Galactic halo. I'm part of the iPTF/ZTF project.
Previously I was a PhD student at Max Planck Institut für Astronomie in Heidelberg, Germany (MPIA ), working with Prof. Hans-Walter Rix, Eddie Schlafly and Branimir Sesar. During this time, I was a fewllow of the International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS).
As part of my research, I developed astrostatistical methods for fast detection of variable sources in general, including RR Lyrae and QSOs. Most of my recent work is based on the Pan-STARRS survey (http://pan-starrs.ifa.hawaii.edu/public/ ).
For current research, see my publication list.

contact info

ninah [at] caltech [dot] edu
techfreaq [at] web [dot] de


since 2/2017: Postdoc at Caltech

09/2013 to 1/2017: PhD student at MPIA, "Astrophysical Modeling of Time-Domain Surveys", supervisor Hans-Walter Rix

08/2013: M.Sc. Physics, University of Heidelberg, "Estimating Black Hole Masses in Hundreds of Quasars", supervisor Hans-Walter Rix

02/2012: B.Sc. Physics, University of Heidelberg, "Geodesic Lines in Schwarzschild and Kerr Metric", supervisor Matthias Bartelmann

since 2003: worked in several IT projects in industry and research

08/2003: completed 3-year vocational training Fachinformatiker (IHK) (IT specialist, software developer)

Research Assistant

03/2011 - 05/2011: Max-Planck-Institut für medizinische Forschung, Heidelberg: Data analysis

02/2010 - 04/2010: Heidelberg Collaboratory for Image Processing, Universität Heidelberg: software developer for advanced driver assistance systems, robotics

08/2008 - 12/2008: Astronomisches Recheninstitut, Heidelberg: software developer for Gaia

Talks and Conferences

Building the Infrastructure for Time-Domain Alert Science in the LSST Era, May 22 - 25, Tucson, AZ, USA https://www.noao.edu/meetings/lsst-tds/

ZTF Galactic science workshop, March 13 - 14 March 2017, Caltech

IAU Symposium 325 on Astroinformatics, October 20 - 24 2016, Sorrento, Italy; award for best poster presentation

IMPRS Summer School "Astrostatistics & Data Mining", September 12-16 2016, Heidelberg, Germany

ESO Munich Joint Conference "Discs in Galaxies", July 11 - 15 2016, Garching, Germany https://www.eso.org/sci/meetings/2016/Discs2016.html

LSST@Europe2 Conference, 20-24 June 2016, Belgrade, Serbia, invited talk https://project.lsst.org/meetings/lsst-europe-2016/

Heidelberg Physics Graduate Days, 11-15 April 2016, Heidelberg http://gsfp.physi.uni-heidelberg.de/graddays

RR Lyrae 2015 Conference "High-precision studies of RR Lyrae stars from dynamical phenomena to mapping the galactic structure", 19-22 October 2015, Visegrad, Hungary, invited talk http://rrl2015.hu/

Astro Hack Week 2015, September 28 - October 02, 2015, New York University http://astrohackweek.github.io/

A 3D View on Galaxy Evolution: from Statistics to Physics, July 6-10 2015, MPIA Heidelberg, Germany http://www2.mpia-hd.mpg.de/~galsp2015/

The Local Group Astrostatistics Conference: Bridging Observations & Simulations, MIRA, University of Michigan, June 1 - 4 2015, talk https://www.lsa.umich.edu/mira/workshopsconferences/localgroupastrostatistics

GC Group Retreat, April 21 - Thursday 23 2015, talk

IMPRS seminar retreat, March 2 - 4 2015, talk

8th HGSFP Winterschool 2015, University Center Obergurgl, January 31 - February 4 2015, poster presentation poster_variability_hernitschek.pdf

2014 Gaia Challenge, Heidelberg, October 27 - 31 2014

Science Results from Pan-STARRS1, Space Telescope Science Institute Baltimore, June 23 - 26, talk https://webcast.stsci.edu/webcast/detail.xhtml?talkid=4150&parent=1

Summer Schools in Statistics & Informatics for Astronomers, Penn State University, June 2 -13 2014

The Multi-Wavelength, Multi-Epoch Heritage of Stripe 82, Princeton University, 03/2014, poster presentation poster_revmap_hernitschek.pdf

The Galaxy, Stellar Compositions and Dynamics, GREAT-ITN School, IAC (Tenerife, Spain), 08/2013


B. Sesar, N. Hernitschek, S. Mitrović, Z. Ivezić et al., Machine-Learned Identification of RR Lyrae Stars from Sparse, Multi-band Data: the PS1 Sample, AJ 153, 5 (2017) [AJ] [arXiv:1611.08596]

N. Hernitschek, H.-W. Rix, E. F. Schlafly, B. Sesar, D. Hogg, Z. Ivezic et al., Finding, characterizing and classifying variable sources in multi-epoch sky surveys: QSOs and RR Lyrae in PS1 3π data, ApJ 817, 73 (2016) [ApJ] [ADS][arXiv/1511.05527]

N. Hernitschek, H.-W. Rix, J. Bovy, & E. Morganson, Estimating Black Hole Masses in Hundreds of Quasars, ApJ 801, 45 (2015) [ApJ] [ADS][arXiv/1412.6531]

N. Hernitschek, E. Schmidt, M. Vollmer, Lunar eclipse photometry: absolute luminance measurements and modeling, Appl. Optics 47, 62 (2008) [ADS]

Conference Proceedings

Nina Hernitschek, Edward F. Schlafly, Branimir Sesar et al. (2016). Finding, characterizing and classifying variable sources in multi-epoch sky surveys: QSOs and RR Lyraes in PS1 3π In L. Szabados, R. Szabo, K. Kinemuchi (Eds.), RRL2015 High-Precision Studies of RR Lyrae Stars No. 105 COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE KONKOLY OBSERVATORY OF THE HUNGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES (pp. 85-92) http://www.konkoly.hu/Mitteilungen/Mitt105/105.pdf


Astrolab 02/2014 - 03/2014